babyblu – Truly Physical (New Music)

Today we check out new music from indie alternative artist babyblu. babyblu is the creation of Dylan McBrayer, hailing from Tampa, Florida. The latest single to come from babyblu is “Truly Physical”, after having most recently released Words With Love EP on 2nd September 2016.

“Truly Physical” smoothly combines gentle vocals, electronic samples, and a sedate bass. Its introduction is foreboding with a questioning bassline. Sweet vocals join in, giving us an inside view of a moment between a couple, where one cannot or will not open up emotionally to the other, leaving their connection only able to be physical and nothing more.

The sound and emotion build upward to the chorus. Going into the second verse, feels like a step up of expression lyrically as well as musically. The bass literally being turned up and the vocals veering toward a rap pace with the increased speed of thinking and wondering. The song closes with a powerful statement of society today, sex and emotional intimacy.

“Truly Physical” is honest and raw, with an edge of frustration of what could be. The chords used throughout echo the same sentiment. Below you can stream it (as well as on iTunes), and check out the lyrics as shared by babyblu on social media.

Stay tuned for an upcoming release by babyblu in 2017, where flowers will be an important theme.

truly physical lyrics
Lyrics of “Truly Physical”

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