Dreamshade – Dreamers Don’t Sleep (New Music)

According to the them, Dreamshade are:

“Five mates from Lugano,
a tiny little town in Southern Switzerland,
who decided they could change Melodic Metal”

The ‘five mates’ in Dreamshade are Kevin Calì (vocals), Fernando “Fella” Di Cicco (guitars, vocals), Rocco Ghielmini (guitars), Gian-Andrea Costa (bass guitar), Serafino “Sera” Chiommino (drums), with addtional guitars played by Luca Magri.

Dreamshade‘s third full length album, Vibrant, was released via Artery Recordings on 9th December. One of the tracks from Vibrant is “Dreamers Don’t Sleep” which we loved.

“Dreamers Don’t Sleep” is deliciously heavy, with crazy impressive drums, rockin guitar, a whole lot of passionate energy and a beautiful message: Lean into your dreams.

“Dreaming makes me feel alive / Falling in my thoughts I’ll be revived / That’s the way I will lead my life / Join me and leave your past behind”

It also has an awesome video. Check out “Dreamers Don’t Sleep” and tell us what you think.


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