DBMK – Nocturne (Track Of The Day, 14th January)

As usual, the Track Of The Day is one I can’t get out of my head. Today it’s “Nocturne” by Denim Blue & Miclain Keith.

“Nocturne” comes from the Collapse album and is a tender masterpiece. I mean, just look at how it starts:

“Just stopping in, to get my taste onto your lips
Twin sleepy grins, propelling flames and sinking ships”

‘Nocturne’ as a word cleverly describes the night, romance and music all in one, setting the scene of this song with the title alone. If you let yourself fall into this song, it’s a sweet ball of adoration (“If love were a shape, it would be the one that the corners of her mouth make”) with an edge of this ending, either already or soon.

Musically you can just lose yourself in this: Piano and wide open silences. Electro-shattering choruses. Vulnerable vocals. Pained urgency at the bridge. And an outro that says difficult acceptance.

“You will change and I will change
I must record us now before we fade away.”

It’s a beautiful song, and a dreamy pleasure for it to be stuck in my head today. Here, let’s get it stuck in yours.

DBMK did an amazing performance of “Nocturne” on Daytime TV show on 12th January. You can view it here, including an interview with Kyle Knudsen beforehand:


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