Bring Me The Horizon – Happy Song (Track Of The Day, 21st January)

Today’s Track Of The Day is an anthem for anyone that uses music as a healing balm: “Happy Song” by Bring Me The Horizon. Maybe that’s you, too.

“The world has coalesced
Into one giant mess
Of hate and unrest
So let’s all sing along
A little God damn louder
To a happy song
And pretend it’s all okay”

Music doesn’t judge. It doesn’t question, doubt, leave, reject, avoid, hate.
Music is present without condition and we are free to be with it whenever we need it.

This stability and unconditionally accepting nature of music makes it perfect in times of craziness going on, whether that’s inside our heads or going on in the world at large. Music will continue to be there for us, no matter who is in government or whatever decisions are made by harmful individuals in our spaces.

Music goes a long way to help us ‘just get on with it’ in a bleak situation with no clear solutions, which is what Bring Me The Horizon were expressing in “Happy Song”.

Sing along:

Have a read of our full review of the Bring Me The Horizon album, That’s The Spirit here.

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