ESTHER – Want It All (New Music)

New music that is incredible makes us happy. So here’s a 4:37 dose of happy.

Today’s happy comes from ESTHER, who are an alternative/rock/electro band from the UK. ESTHER are Jack Kinden (guitar, vocals), Max Minus (keys, synth), Arron Moss (bass, vocals), Ross Standen (drums, vocals). We suggest you get to know these guys, stat.

Their latest single, “Want It All” is out now (as of 27th January), and combines electronic and rock, resulting in a strong and heavy track that is incredible. Every element of “Want It All” is done brilliantly and feels amazing as a listener – these guys make it look easy. The beat is grooving and the chorus engaging. There’s a build up of vocals, electronics and drums toward the end of the song which drops into a scream and precision guitars. The drumming is amazing and we’re in love with the riff in the closing of the choruses, as well as closing the song.

Does it get any better? We keep saying ‘incredible’. What do you think of this one?

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