WSTR – Featherweight (New Music)

British pop punk band WSTR have new music out. Their album Red, Green or Inbetween released on the 20th of January on No Sleep Records and we are looking forward to going deeper into this album sometime soon!

“Featherweight” is a track from the album we’re already loving, which seems to be a description of a really memorable night out, set to really damn good pop punk.

This is how Sammy Clifford (vocals) describes the inspiration for “Featherweight”:

““Featherweight” was based on a party/night out we all had that got out of hand. Since then most nights have been getting out of hand.

Kie and I jumped over a fence and he thought he broke his leg and I smashed my phone screen. Swifty was getting tattooed the next day and was worried about drinking as his blood would get thin but it didn’t end up stopping him.

This song is about the inner loser in everyone and it’s the most WSTR song we’ve released yet. I think if you don’t relate to this song in anyway then you’re just lying to yourself.”

Check out “Featherweight” and see what you think.


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