Hungry Hearts – Lighthouse (New Music)

Here’s some new music that’ll set your insides alight. It comes from Hungry Hearts from Southern California.

Hungry Hearts have an album on the way, Born In Flames. The band share the empowering concept of using our challenges as fuel for growth:

“Born in Flames means being born into a situation you have little to no control over and having to work with one’s own resources. In one way or another and to different degrees we are all born in flames. Use those flames to fire your hunger.”

Hungry Hearts have released their first video for a track from Born In Flames, “Lighthouse”.

I just want to be like you,
Watching the world from my lighthouse
I just want to live life through with the monster in my heart.”

“Lighthouse” has dusky yet sweet vocals and an addictive guitar sound. It’s a BIG song, with no holds barred, nothing held back. So don’t you hold back. Listen, right now!

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