Boxing At The Zoo – Rainclouds (Track Of The Day, 2nd February)

Do you have a frown in need of being turned upside down? You need some Boxing At The Zoo. Stat.

We were frowny here at Depth Magazine today. Thank god our play button clicker finger fell upon “Rainclouds” by Boxing At The Zoo.

A sweet guitar melody was enough for those frowny parts to sigh and surrender to the ear- and soul-holiday that Boxing At The Zoo invited us along on. Still sitting in reality, our headphones have let us go wandering somewhere flowy, sway-y, and dreamy with a side of handclapping.

And at from the bridge it seems that Boxing At The Zoo have left us space for moving our bodies to the steady beat, light guitar and harmonies that they’ve made.

What were we worrying about, again? This is definitely our Track Of The Day today. Thanks, Boxing At The Zoo.


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