Concealed In Clouds – Phenomena (New Music)

“And God do I need air..”

Concealed In Clouds have released an amazing new single from their upcoming debut album, Aspire. Apprise. Assemble. Arise. The track is called “Phenomena”.

Concealed In Clouds described the lyrics of “Phenomena” to be ‘ambiguous and open for interpretation’, saying that a general theme touched on in the song is the feeling of possessing something ‘ultra’: “Feeling like you have something within you that could move mountains, and feeling like you have to get out and actually move them too.”

Anyone that has ever felt a sense of being bigger than they are, of needing to make something more than what they’re experiencing around them, will instantly relate to this. The experience of frustration of things not (yet) happening and of striving for more is beautifully captured in Concealed In Clouds’ words which lean heavily on the elements of nature. Elements of nature combined with an innate quest for adventure is such an exquisite blend of powers that it makes the song easily moving and inspiring.

“It’s hard to stay quiet
When you’re screaming inside
There’s a furnace in my chest
And a rage that won’t subside
Adversity’s our fuel we’ll never stop til’ we’re dead
And when frustration gets the best of us
We’ll know it’s in our head”

Musically, “Phenomena” needed to be a powerful song to match the power of the concepts being sung about. The heaviness of the guitars and drums do this well, as well as the combination of clean and screamed vocals. The empassioned bridge gave us goosebumps and a whole lot of emotions. We get it, and we love it.

Check out “Phenomena” via its lyric video.

3 thoughts on “Concealed In Clouds – Phenomena (New Music)

  1. Absolutely! “Aspire” and “Dewdrops” are both beautiful and have that heaviness + heart. Thanks for checking them out & also for reading.


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