Dangerkids – Ghost In The Walls (Track Of The Day, 12th February)

Today’s Track Of The Day is a heavy track you can let yourself go into, courtesy of Dangerkids. It’s “Ghost In The Walls” from Dangerkids’ amazing second album, blacklist_.

“Ghost In The Walls” starts with a poignant melody that flows on from the tail end of the previous track on the album (“Things Could Be Different”). It’s dirty and distorted in its electronic form, with guitars joining in lightly with it, before the sound expands and opens up into something grander and heavier, that we’ve come to know and love from Dangerkids.

This introduction is an impressive way to set the scene for Tyler Smyth to begin singing with honesty about life, death and legacy.

“Cause there’s a part of me
That’s scared to find out what’s on the other side,
And how it feels when you and I collide.”

The verses give space for Tyler’s clean vocals, as well as a rapped section, with a space-filling anthemic feel at the choruses; unifying, empowering and strong – Dangerkids in a nutshell.

Check out “Ghost In The Walls” below.

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