The One Hundred – Dark Matters (New Music)

Since signing with Spinefarm in September 2016, The One Hundred have been working on new music to follow up their debut EP (Subculture, 2014).

“Dark Matters” is the first track they’re sharing with us, from their upcoming debut album. You’ve gotta listen to this fluid blend of rap rock and metal. It’s an impressive taster for what is to come.

‘’We know we’ve kept you guys in suspense for a while but we are BACK and Dark Matters is just the beginning.”

As a song, “Dark Matters” has it all: A grooving beat, a sweet (if not haunting) melody, fast-paced spoken word/rap, wide open musical spaces in the pre-choruses, heavy crowd-calls at the chorus, a hip hop feel, a funky bridge and screams.

It’s an eclectic soundscape making it hard to just sit still and listen. Let yourself move and be moved by this one with The One Hundred’s video for “Dark Matters”.

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