Ocean Grove – Beers (Track Of The Day, 19th February)

We were blown away when we reviewed Ocean Grove‘s debut album The Rhapsody Tapes. These Melbourne boys light musical fires, and our Track Of The Day is more than sufficiently lit.

“Beers” is second on The Rhapsody Tapes, after the cruisy and vibe-building introductory track; “What I Love About A Natural Woman”. “Beers” shakes off the funkified and richly distorted layers of the track before it and hits squarely into hardcore punk territory, with amped up energetic guitar action and punishing vocals.

“We’ve taken a great thing descended into madness
I’ve tried to find all those words inside and now all I see is sadness
No I can find no other good in this”

“Beers” is relentless, even in the cleaner sung choruses, making it an energising and exciting track to rock out to. Seeing this live would be amazing.

Stream “Beers” (and the rest of the brilliant The Rhapsody Tapes) here.



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