Vesta Collide – Pretend (Track Of The Day, 23rd February)

“Pretend” by Vesta Collide starts deceptively with a playful and light rhythm, before tearing into heavy territory of the first verse and screamed lyrics:

“I was already dead
Rotten, apart on the inside

This song ain’t light and playful. In fact it’s a fight between light and dark. Life or death: “Let. Me. Go.”

“Pretend” will have you feel pulled along on a journey, pushed side to side into darkness and light. Buoyed by lighter and clean focals at the chorus calling for belief and aliveness, before falling deep again in a darker sound, where screams morph into death growls and sick breakdowns.

But all is not lost as collective support steps in, and the sun comes out, musically expressed in crowd vocals and a more orchestral sound.

“Just break me free and make me believe in everything
I’m hiding away from the world
Make me feel alive”

It’s a powerful journey from start to finish and not for the faint of heart. Check out the heavy and hectic “Pretend”, from New Obsession album.

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