Ocean Grove – The Wrong Way (Track Of The Day, 25th February)

On Ocean Grove‘s The Rhapsody Tapes, the fifth track “The Wrong Way” stuck out to us noticeably, in its straight-played grunge ballad sound. Up until that point of the album, each track had come to our ears beautifully laced with playful creative experimentation or powerful heaviness (and sometimes both).

“The Wrong Way” is played straight from beginning to end. It’s a gear shift on the album; slowing right down and beginning with a rich acoustic guitar sound inviting us into the track. It’s vocally clear and emotive, and such a difference to the other songs on The Rhapsody Tapes that it is moving. As well as having us wonder if there’s any sound/genre that Ocean Grove can’t do.

You’re way out. I’m way in. That’s all we can be
You lose yourself in the place that surrounds me”

“The Wrong Way” has a Silverchair-esque vibe and excites our inner 90s music fangirl to no end. If there were a revival of this sound we would not be complaining. Just saying.

Check out our Track Of The Day below.

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