To The Wind – Can’t Stay (My Love) (New Music)

Seattle hardcore band To The Wind have released a music video for “Can’t Stay (My Love)”. This track is from their 2016 album, The Brighter View.

“Can’t Stay (My Love)” is a powerful and heavy-hitting track speaking about doubts and fears relating to being present in the lives of loved ones. To The Wind vocalist Tanner Murphy shared that the track was written while away from home, recording The Brighter View. He spoke about being in two minds; of missing out on a lot because of constant traveling with the band, yet also feeling very accomplished with all he’s had a chance to do and see.

Tanner shares:A lot of my raw emotions were invested into the song. I was very vulnerable and didn’t have much time to filter anything out. This song to me is kind of my anthem to all different aspects of my life both on and off the road.”

“Can’t Stay (My Love)” does a brilliant job of expressing that inner tug-of-war with driving guitars and drums and raw yet direct vocals.

Worst-case, you got me
I’ll be there if you’ll have me
Worst-case, you got me
Well you can have it or leave”

Check out “Can’t Stay (My Love)” and it’s video here, as well as the rest of The Brighter View.

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