Bring Me The Horizon – Avalanche (Track Of The Day, 6th March)

Today’s Track Of The Day is “Avalanche” from UK’s Bring Me The Horizon.

“Avalanche” was written about ADHD. Vocalist Oliver Sykes was unaware he had the diagnosis until his mid-20s, referring to it as contributing to his addiction to the drug ketamine.

Cause I’m going out of frequency
Can anyone respond?”

Lyrically “Avalanche” openly describes the sense of overwhelm and frustration that Oliver felt in conjunction with the ADHD; with everything getting on top of him, as well as wondering why he would do or say things without thinking. He wondered why he wasn’t fitting in.

I need a cure for me cause a square doesn’t fit the circle
Give me a remedy cause my head wasn’t wired for this world”

The guitars and melody of “Avalanche” reinforce a feeling of bombardment and overwhelm at times, and the more simple verses reflect the isolation and alienation that Oliver likely felt.

Check out “Avalanche” via its video or Spotify below.

Bring Me The Horizon are also currently on tour in the US, and you can check dates and venues HERE.

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