babyblu: Live at MSC Amphitheatre, March 7th

On 7th March, the University of South Florida hosted Battle Of The Bands at the MSC Amphitheatre, with the winner getting the opportunity to open Bullstock 2017 (USF’s festival).

babyblu were playing, and Depth Magazine’s photographer Taylore Moore was there to capture Dylan and Colton’s performance.. which led to them winning the Battle Of The Bands!

Congratulations babyblu!

Check out our photos of babyblu in action:

babyblu played a set of four songs, from the Words With Love EP, as well as new music, such as “Truly Physical”. The crowd really enjoyed babyblu; people that were at the MSC Amphitheatre sharing that there was a ‘new energy’ when babyblu went on stage.

Bella shared: “I loved the babyblu concert last night! I felt like Dylan was going to jump off stage he was so energetic!”

IOH also captured a video of babyblu performing “Truly Physical”:

Learn more about babyblu by connecting via:
Twitter –
Spotify –



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