Boxing At The Zoo – Only Love (Track Of The Day, 8th March)

Track Of The Day is because two members of Boxing At The Zoo are having their birthday: Steven and Daniel.

Happy birthday, guys! 🎂

We’re not that great at baking, but we love celebrating music!

If you don’t know Boxing At The Zoo’s sound, prepare your ears for an adventure. “Only Love” is warm, sweet, and smooth, and comes with a jungly beat, uber melodic guitars and a song structure that feels like they have so much tucked up their sleeves.

As “Only Love” continues on, lean into dreamy interludes for awhile as they swirl harmoniously around you, leaving you floating in the alternate universe that the uniqueness of this song creates, with apparent ease.

“I never thought you’d be the one I feel this way for..”

Check out “Only Love”, as well as other Boxing At The Zoo tracks on Soundcloud or Spotify. Also go and follow Boxing At The Zoo on Twitter to keep up to date with what the guys are up to next!



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