Quiet, Please – Only Thing (Track Of The Day, 23rd March)

The sweetness and peacefulness of a ukulele invites us into Quiet, Please‘s “Only Thing”. But “Only Thing” does not speak about sweet and peaceful things.

“Only Thing” describes a separation from someone destructive (with a ‘burnt heart’) and the process of their painful eradication.

Your heart left with my mind
Your memories with my tears
Not a single part of me
Misses you being anywhere near”

The song is a statement (or maybe just a wish) that the owner of the burnt heart will be left faced with the depths of emotional pain at the absence of someone that loved them so.

“Only Thing” is the third track on An Attempt At Finding Myself EP, and Kevin, Dominik and Brice described it as a ‘break’ on the EP:

“The simplicity allows the song to speak for itself and its vibe is relatively peaceful. It offers somewhat of a break from the rest of the EP’s deep, emotional, heavy hitting tracks.”

This is true, with the song being more like a quiet acknowledgement of what was and what they hope for, than the fiery hatred that it could easily be.

Check out “Only Thing”, as well as the rest of An Attempt At Finding Myself on Spotify.

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