Wee Beasties – Dead At 27 (New Music)

Come and take a wander into something new and dream laden.

Wee Beasties is an indie alternative rock band based out of central California. They formed in late 2015 with members Codie Collins, Max Martinez, Giovann Najeh, Nic Tesi, & Nick Merrick.

“Dead At 27” is a new track from Wee Beasties, that feels like floating along in fantasy.. with a shirt tugging happening courtesy of reality. The track has a hazy and kaleidoscopic feel, with long held notes and spaces given, along with the feel of wanting more from life. Frustration tinged vocals ask questions as to which way we go, in order to stay alive and sane:

“We’re passing through the physical,
Living in the virtual”

The track builds up into a climax, describing a sense of death at 27, or a waking up and living. It’s powerful and pokes at important albeit uncomfortable feelings of “What am I doing with my life?”.

Have a listen to “Dead At 27” below, and tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

Photo of Wee Beasties band by Michael Barakat

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