Ambleside – Wash Away (Track Of The Day, 4th April)

We fell in love with Ambleside‘s sound when we saw the band supporting Trophy Eyes on the Chemical Miracle tour. The melodic hardcore five piece from Adelaide, opened the night and had all of us captivated with their polished sound (and floral shirts :)). The band are Daniel Stevens (vocals), Dean Lawrence (guitar/vocals), Jackson Buckler (guitar), Jonathan Young (bass guitar) and Ash Mayes (drums).

Our Track Of The Day today is “Wash Away” from Ambleside’s Shape Me EP, released 26th August 2016. The track is fast-paced, crispy guitars and a perfect blend of clean and screamed vocals. It’s also emotionally powerful with questioning vocals that are as empathetic as much as they are aiming for change.

“My mind often wonders back
To the kids that we used to be
What’s left?
Nothing but memories
A shell of who you used to be

Is this a consequence of never chasing dreams?
Slowly you’re sinking
Locked in a cage, no way to breathe”

We got curious about the lyric of “bottle up the pain” and what the meaning was behind it, and reached out to Ambleside about it. They were kind enough to share what it meant to them:

“Bottle up the pain’ is a call for the person who the song is about to take everything that is holding them back and work through/let go of it all at once.

The song was aimed at a specific situation where said person had bottled up so much anger and pain that we felt the urge to write about them working through it, hoping to make the best of what was left of the situation they found themselves in without forgetting both who they are/were and who we are/were at the same time – hence ‘don’t forget my name’.”

We’ll soon be connecting more with Ambleside about the Shape Me EP and more, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, enjoy our Track Of The Day.

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