Belle Haven – Selfmade (New Music)

Melbourne five piece Belle Haven have had a pretty awesome few weeks! They’ve joined the Greyscale Records family, announced new album (You, Me and Everything in Between, out 16th June), announced a tour with Ambleside and Deadlights, as well as releasing a single and music video.

“Selfmade” is that single.

The video sees the members of Belle Haven placed in an experiment where they move from sedation to playing music. The space they’re in gradually becomes closed and painted, while smug white-coated observers take notes.

It’s easy to see the comparison of this video concept playing out in the track, with the lyrics describing a sense of being contained within something difficult, becoming gradually more pressured and desperate for a solution. In both there’s the impression of things having gone on as they are for some time.

Musically, “Selfmade” feels like a journey through complication, opening into catchy choruses, a quest for help via desperately screamed vocals, an illuminating bridge and a last word screamed, with a hand from a gritty bassline that I’m itching to hear more loudly.

“I think I figured it out
I think I figured you out
I know what you want to achieve
Why did you bring this about?
Why did you bring it about?
Your lies I can’t believe
I think I figured it out
I think I figured you out
It’s time for you to leave”

“Selfmade” also echoes what vocalist David Vernon shared about the album, referring to ‘knowing when to leave’:

“There are way too many people in the world who feel used, betrayed and manipulated on a daily basis. I hope this record can resonate with those people and inspire them to come to terms with when it’s right to burn a bridge. I’ve been there so many times and that’s the hardest part; knowing when to leave.”

“Selfmade” is an intriguing invite to check out You, Me and Everything in Between which can be preordered here:

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