Faze Wave – Chemistry (Track Of The Day, 14th April)

California’s Faze Wave recently released a new single in “Chemistry”. This bliss-ball gone awry is our Track Of The Day.

Everything that comes from Faze Wave comes wrapped in sunshine and chill. “Chemistry” is no different, with its relaxed heartbeat drums and honeyed vocals courtesy of Matthew Flynn.

“Chemistry” tells the story of a moment of intimacy, which starts out free and easy; just two connecting in the dark.

“The light in the room,
Your tongue is setting the mood.
I don’t need to see you.
I just want to hear you screaming my name.”

Musically with the track’s soaring sound, it feels like a semi-psychadelic world we become lost in, capturing multicoloured bliss.

It unfortunately doesn’t last though, and the bliss veil drops and it becomes awkward, with everything around being ‘all wrong’, and suddenly being aware of everything around them, instead of being in a haze where the two are all that exists and all that matters.

“Did you notice?
The movie’s on and the sound is off and the lights are all wrong”

Soak up “Chemistry” and lose yourself in Faze Wave’s latest creation.

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