Babyblu – Finish My Heart (New Music)

Indie artists work hard to get their music out into the world. Tampa based Babyblu, is one of those hard-working artists; continually writing a his unique style of dream pop, and bringing electric energy to the stage. Dylan McBrayer, the creative force driving Babyblu, has been working behind the scenes to bring Babyblu’s debut album Petals to life.

From Petals, Babyblu have already released the track “Truly Physical”. Coming out on May 5th is a second single: “Finish My Heart”.

By way of the singles released, Dylan felt that the two singles were like ‘polar opposites of the album’ and decided to release these two specifically ‘to give a sort of spectrum of what Petals is and will be’.

We’ve had the pleasure of hearing “Finish My Heart” and loved its dream pop vibe as well as Dylan’s expressive vocals. “Finish My Heart” tells the story of a disconnection in a relationship and what love means in the face of that. Is love the sweet experiences together or is love an undying commitment to keep trying, even when it’s hard?

“Finish My Heart” is smooth by way of sound, as well as pushing and determined and questioning; requesting complete and meaningful closure by someone, to end this experience of confusion. Dylan reinforced this feeling we have of the track, sharing that he wrote “Finish My Heart” at the end of a relationship, as a ‘sort of anti-love anthem in regards to the uncertainties in a relationship’.

“She thinks it’s all in my hands
Or this was something I planned for
But it’s something bigger than that”

The light beats and mini explosion pulses of “Finish My Heart” are reminiscent of 80s pop and the unique synth sounds are intriguing. Honestly, I shared with Dylan that it’s as if an air horn and a piano had a baby and it became something melodic, which captivates in itself because you wonder how it can work on a song so dreamy – and yet it does!

Dylan shared that he got to work with Kyle Knudsen (of DBMK) on “Finish My Heart”, with Kyle producing the track, and that it was “a great experience to work with one of my best friends again.”

EDIT: “Finish My Heart” is now out, go listen!

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