Fall Out Boy – Young and Menace (New Music)

Fall Out Boy have new album M A  N   I    A  planned for release 15th September. They’ve released a single from the album already, with “Young and Menace” released on 27th April.

“We’ve gone way too fast for way too long”

“Young and Menace” comes from a far different place than the genres of punk and rock that Fall Out Boy’s music was previously at home in. The track carries an eccentric electronic feel, and goes unexpected places. Through the verses, contemplative vocals take centre stage. A thumping beat and tense vocals progressively build up and up through the pre-chorus, when a drop and collisions of sound take over the track. The limits are pushed by way of sound choices, adding to a sense of chaoticness that the song seems to express.

The “Young And Menace” video expresses the same sense of chaoticness. It shows a girl who feels out of place and disconnected. She goes through her own journey of confronting this, and learning more truths along the way.

We’re all for eccentric and experimental sounds to express a message via song, and “Young And Menace” has done this brilliantly. Check out the track with its music video or stream on Spotify.

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