Columbus – Raindrop (Track Of The Day, 10th May)

Our Track Of The Day is a moment of ear-bliss from the guys in Columbus. The Brisbane three-piece recently released their Next To Me EP, which included four acoustic versions of some favourite Columbus tracks as well as the brand new title track.

We’ve fallen for the dreamy acoustified version of “Raindrop”. Originally from their 2016 album Spring Forever, “Raindrop” has been reimagined, taking some of the punk fire out of it, leaving a gentleness up front and centre. “Raindrop” speaks honestly about being blinded by love, but it goes beyond that, and feels like a sense of working hard to deny hard truths of what is truly going on.

“And I ignored the whole time you were hurting me
I’d rather be blind than honest and tell you that I still feel fine
Bury all the doubt inside
Under mountains of fake reassurance that everything’s okay
But then I’ll kiss you back and sleep at your house
Despite that those lips were used on someone else”

“Raindrop” was already stirring emotionally, but the acoustic version takes it to a whole other level of beauty. Alex Moses shines, pouring out goosebump-inspiring vocals as the track builds into a beautifully soaring sound.

Friends in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne can catch Columbus at their launch shows for Next To Me, along with Dear Seattle. Details and tickets HERE.

Have a listen to “Raindrop” and share with us what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

ps. Here’s the original if that’s more your thing… 😉

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