Boxing At The Zoo – We Can Pretend (Track Of The Day, 12th May)

Our Track Of The Day is from Boxing At The Zoo, which seems to be code for ‘weaving musical magic’. Every track of theirs we’ve heard feels like it comes wrapped in stardust, or some other kind of dust that carries the sparkle of another era, or somewhere far far away from the harshness of reality.

“We Can Pretend” is from the self-titled Boxing At The Zoo EP. Nestled at the end of the 6-strong EP, it does a beautiful job at closing the collection of songs. The vibe of “We Can Pretend” is gently swaying with another, remaining silent, with unspoken words swirling and curling around their heads in the darkness.

“Falling apart when your heart turns to dust
And you don’t know where to run
Just get sleep for a minute and maybe you’ll hit
The stride that will carry you home”

It’s musically dreamy, hard to put into words. It feels like a tentative one-to-one exchange, before opening into something beautifully melodic that sweeps across the track and carries you away. There is a strengthening as the track goes on, becoming more firm in its expression.

“If you wanted you could have this all the time”

We reached out to Boxing At The Zoo’s Daniel J. Ramos about “We Can Pretend” and what it means to him. Daniel shared that he wrote it at the age of 19, having a crush on a girl who was still struggling with heartbreak from her ex. He described it as being about a fantasy “..where I would be there for her and kind of distract her from all that pain, even though we both knew it was a temporary solution, but in the end we would end up falling in love.

The fantasy and escapism may be the stardust that we feel all over the track, that makes it easy to fall in love with the Boxing At The Zoo sound. Fall in love too by listening below.

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