Northlane: Intuition Tour, Chelsea Heights, VIC

Northlane are currently on a headline tour of Australia; The Intuition Tour, in celebration of their single “Intuition” from the now-released album Mesmer. We were lucky enough to catch the show in Chelsea Heights on 13th May, along with Hands Like Houses, Void Of Vision, and Pridelands.

Northlane Intuition Tour


In the darkness at Chelsea Heights Hotel, people gradually made their way closer to the stage, with die-hard fans of each band giving their all back to the bands up front and centre. The venue layout gave plenty of spaces for watching without the crush of a crowd.

Corey Bonadiesi took these amazing photos on the night. Check out the gallery below for each band.


Pridelands had the tough job of warming us up, but killed it anyway. Their heartfelt songs poured out and the warming up happened brilliantly.

Void Of Vision

Void Of Vision put on a huge, high-energy set, no doubt making some new fans in the process. The band had a stand-in drummer (Adam from Set The Score) as their own drummer George had an injury. This in no way negatively affected their set!

Hands Like Houses

The last time we saw Hands Like Houses was opening for Bring Me The Horizon at Margaret Court Arena. To see them in such an intimate setting was different to say the least, but their connection with the audience was amazing. They kept us engaged from beginning to end.

On their set was: New Romantics, Colourblind, Glasshouse, Perspectives, Introduced Species, Grey Havens, Drift, and I Am.


Northlane brought confidence and vibrant energy to the stage, which felt like they’d be more at home in a larger venue. The band shared songs from Mesmer as well as older favourites, keeping the crowd happy and screaming along with them.

On the setlist was: Paragon, Colourwave, Citizen, Leech, Rot, Dream Awake, Dispossession, Zero-One, Intuition, Quantum Flux and Obelisk as encore.





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