Aburden – Face To Face (Track Of The Day, 26th May)

We make no apologies for having another Aburden song as Track Of The Day. This Melbourne band of Mason Forster, Ben Dordevic, Kyle Burrows, Jordan Giuliani, and Kylan Ridings are absolutely incredible and deserving of our ears and attention.

“Face To Face” was Aburden’s debut single, released in 2016. The track is such a “wow” track for me as a listener that it doesn’t match up with the concept of ‘debut’ anything, and I spent a lot of time sitting open-mouthed at how the track unfolds over its four minutes, fifty-six seconds. The blend of hardcore/spoken and clear vocals is such a powerful combination. Aburden create intense and meaningful songs and that is exactly what “Face To Face” is.

“As I confronted you face to face
And those bright blue eyes that stared into my already brittle soul
And as you lied to my face once again”

“Face To Face” is space-filling clear vocals, heartfelt guitar, heavy beats, and pained introspection. This feels like a relationship breakup, but more specifically, processing the shock of one moment in time when confronting an ‘old friend’ and coming to grips with things going wrong, wanting to erase the last two years of time to ease the pain.

The song painfully yet beautifully escalates, and you can’t help but feel swept away into the intensity of the emotion created not only by the passionately expressed spoken word, but the entire band amping up their individual intensity along with it. The track is potent and an experience more than just a song.

Check out “Face To Face” below.

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