In Confidence – Of Wolves and Lambs (Deluxe Edition)

Nashville rock four-piece In Confidence have been busy! Jake, Micah, Taylor and Eric have just released a deluxe edition of their Of Wolves and Lambs EP.

As well as the EP’s tracks; “Maturity”, “You’re Every Word of This”, “My Lack of Words”, “As We Were” and “152”, the deluxe edition of Of Wolves and Lambs includes commentary from the band about the meaning of each track, allowing fans to go deeper in understanding. We loved our chat with In Confidence and this is a nice taster of that!

If you missed our chat with the guys of In Confidence, you can have a listen below. We covered a lot, including:

  • How they got their name
  • The meaning behind their EP title
  • Honesty in music
  • Popularity
  • The writing process
  • Song structure
  • Entities, including their character ‘Frank’
  • Choosing “152” as a single
  • Use of masks

The deluxe edition of Of Wolves and Lambs also includes acoustic demo versions of “As We Were”, “152” and “My Lack of Words”. This is something really cool, experiencing the rustic roots of these songs before they evolved into the versions we hear today. In Confidence create music with honesty and emotion and these acoustic versions express that even more cleanly. Just beautiful!

Of Wolves and Lambs (Deluxe Edition) is now available via Apple Music, and soon to be Spotify.


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