Young Lions – Out of the Dark (Track Of The Day, 9th June)

Our Track Of The Day is a brilliant new track from Brisbane trio Young Lions. The band are Zach Britt, Morgan Castle and Matt Gibson.

Young Lions have a new album on the way, that they refer to as ‘a concept album that will take you to the edges of space and back again’. It’s aptly titled MR. SPACEMAN, and if it’s anything like this track we’ve been soaking up, it’ll be mind-blowing. There are two other singles from MR. SPACEMAN already out that we’re now keen to absorb.

“It’s just .. I needed some time
But I’m too far away from home tonight”

I watched the video for “Out of the Dark” open mouthed, immersed in the soundscape and visuals. It was all so beautiful and blissful that I cried, without knowing why, exactly. And then did the same on every re-listen. The process of writing had to be paused for more crying. Something about this track resonates deeply to my core.

It is ethereal by way of tones and notes humming across the track, and yet with a very real voice reaching out, making this feel so natural, almost conversational. It’s gentle and soothing, making it very easy to be ‘in’ to this track as it begins.

It’s ambiguous lyrically, but to me “Out of the Dark” feels like it could be describing incarnation, the arrival of a brand new spark of light to its human reality. It could be describing the struggle to adjust to this ‘human suit’, feeling new and not at home and far away from what is known. But then powerfully recognising themselves, and their spark in everything in this human life that is real.

“You can see it in the dawn, in the fire,
I was there in the sunset
The trees and the clouds they can feel it,
Believe me, they saw what I held in my heart
From the start”

And this spark brought to life, seeing others lost, calls for them to come out of the dark, seeing what they are needing.

“I know music can pull you out of the dark”

“Out of the Dark” is so powerfully moving, especially for those who feel brought to life by music, or continue to be kept alive by music, in this otherwise confusing world that has them feel out of place.

I cannot put into words just how much I love this.

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