Ocean Grove – What I Love About A Natural Woman (Track Of The Day, 14th June)

Our Track Of The Day today grooves hard in its one minute, 21 second length. “What I Love About A Natural Woman’ is the first track from Ocean Grove‘s album The Rhapsody Tapes.

With it’s collision of sound samples and heavy beats in amongst distorted bass, “What I Love About A Natural Woman” is a perfect taster of the Odd World sound that is coming ahead in the album, and well placed at the head of this masterpiece.

“Still here singing ODDWORLD baby
Standing on the precipice of what is and what may be”

In our interview with Ocean Grove, drummer and producer Sam Bassal shared that it was always going to be the first track. “We knew that the second we heard it.” By way of the rest of the album, Sam admits that they owned the diversity of the album, saying “We placed the tracks so that you kind of couldn’t predict what was going to come next. We ended the album with Hitachi as we always looked at the fade out being the perfect end to the previous 35 minutes of music you just heard.”

“What I Love..” has a grungey industrial vibe to it and defiant vocals. It’s a track you can’t help but move your body (or at least your head) to, lulled into it’s casual groove.. before “Beers” at the second track drags you off on another Odd World adventure.

Check out “What I Love About A Natural Woman”, as well as the rest of The Rhapsody Tapes album. You won’t regret it. Bring your ears, heart and soul ready for a sonic adventure.

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