Hands Like Houses – Drift (Track Of The Day, 15th June)

Canberra’s Hands Like Houses have come out with a new track today! “Drift” is out now via Hopeless Records and UNFD.

The band shared that “Drift” relates to a ‘momentary lapse in momentum, where everything is still long enough to question where you’re going, where you’ve been and how they are somehow supposed to connect in the middle’. Relatable.

“I’m wandering, I’m weightless
I’m failing, I’m faithless.
Descending to madness…
I’m taken for granted.”

“Drift” is gritty and heavy with its riffs at the introduction, feeling like pressure on the chest. The first verse feels more open, but the angst and confusion reigns, head-swimmingly confusing and questioning what will be.

The moments of openness on the track come with a sense of desperation to grip frantically onto something, the mantra of ‘I. Won’t. Fade AWAY TO NOTHING.’ seeming as much like a lifeline as a reminder and affirmation.

Hands Like Houses have done a brilliant job of expressing that sense of limbo and all that goes on within it. The breakdowns leading into a moment of vulnerability and then a hard-hitting chorus is just perfect, and a powerful ending to the track.

I’m really digging “Drift” and am looking forward to hearing more new music from the guys! Check out “Drift” with its music video below or stream via Spotify.

(Band photo in header is courtesy of Corey Bonadiesi)


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