Mecha Mecha – Dealbreaker (Track Of The Day, 16th June)

Brisbane neo-classical alt rock trio Mecha Mecha are something kinda cool. They are set to release their second EP, Blink & You’ll Miss It, on July 27th, and have already released the first single from it; “Dealbreaker”.

Mecha Mecha are Walter Webb on vocals, bass and guitar, Isaac Vincent on bass, violin, mandolin and vocals, and Angelo Webb on drums and vocals. I’m new to these guys, but I totally dig “Dealbreaker” and Mecha Mecha’s sound on this track.

“Dealbreaker” starts off like you might expect a thumping rock track to, but then it morphs into something else entirely, as foreshadowed by a gypsy sounding riff. The dusky and sparse verse is a sweet and melodic surprise, as are the breathy vocals. The backing vocals and guitar melody remind me of early Muse, and by the first chorus I’m already curious where this is going.

“I can’t afford baby steps while moving forward
And it always feels so forced
I need to learn that less is more”

The dusky verses draw me in, and I come to the conclusion that “Dealbreaker” sounds like what it might sound like if Nouvelle Vague’s “In A Manner Of Speaking” and Muse’s “Sunburn” had a beautiful and quirky musical baby. Bossa nova meets rock meets flaming pianos. The finger plucked violin just adds to the intrigue. I’m totally hooked on this unique sound and am curious to see what Mecha Mecha will come out with next.

Digging “Dealbreaker”. What do you think? Check out the video or stream via Spotify.

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